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Welcome to another #RedmiNote8Pro video.

This video is about gaming on the Redmi Note 8 Pro, but it’s not what you have been seeing all along.

In this video, I’m going to play COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile starting from 100% battery and draining it to 1%. I will play COD Mobile from 100 to 50% and PUBG Mobile from 50 to 1%.

During this time, I will record the FPS, the RAM, Battery, CPU, and Temperature stats of the phone.

This is a long video but it shows how long the phone can run when you play the games only. You will also find out the exact FPS and exact metrics of the games on this phone.

If you want to jump straight to the performance metrics, you can watch this video from 11:10 onwards.

PUBG Mobile stats are at the end of this video.

Both #CODMobile and #PUBGMobile run exceptionally well on the phone. I ran the COD Mobile in Very High settings and PUBG Mobile in Smooth + Extreme settings.

I would like to thank GameBench as they gave me their GameBench Pro tool for extensive testing of the Redmi Note 8 Pro’s gaming performance:

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Redmi Note 8 Pro Frame Rate Test
Redmi Note 8 Pro FPS Test
Redmi Note 8 Pro COD Mobile FPS
Redmi Note 8 Pro Very High COD Mobile Settings
Redmi Note 8 PRO COD Mobile CPU Usage
Redmi Note 8 PRO COD Mobile Battery Test
Redmi Note 8 PRO PUBG Mobile Battery Test
Redmi Note 8 PRO PUBG Mobile FPS Test
Redmi Note 8 Pro PUBG Mobile RAM Usage
Redmi Note 8 Pro PUBG Mobile Smooth Extreme
Redmi Note 8 Pro Call of Duty Mobile FPS
Gaming on Redmi Note 8 Pro


  1. note 8 pro pubg mobile smoth extreme gamebench performance 56 FPS ……. good grafik 50-60 FPS for low price phone…. i have note 8 pro , i am confuse going to upgrade to black shark 2 or not …………


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